Cafe Johanna

 Cafe Johanna offers a variety of flavours: morning coffee with delicious pastry, with a selection of the best rolled biscuit in town, wind pockets and eclairs, and of course, Pavlova cakes. You can also buy lunch and other delicious baked goods from the cafe.Cafe Johanna dates back to 2016 when we took part in the Home Cafes Day. The positive feedback from the visitors made the host so happy that they decided to offer taste experiences more than once a year. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece cake: here, you will get a fantastic taste experience and positive memories!

The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap.
Stay safe.
Eat cake

Cafe Vidrike

Vidrike is a small village near Otepää in southern Estonia. The stop in Vidrike is a combination of pleasures from lush food and wonderful nature.

Italian flavors and cozy environment. Pizzas and pastries are made in a live oven. In addition, salads, pastas, desserts.

Latvian Embassy Cafe

The friendly people operating the Läti Saatkond (‘Latvian embassy’) cafe make it a great place to spend time with friends, grab a quick lunch or hold a special event. You can order from our a la carte menu or choose from among our ready-made salads and sandwiches. We also offer oven-fresh pastries to go with a cup of coffee. It’s important to us that families with children feel comfortable here. The cafe is our way of putting the small southern Estonian town of Tõrva on the map! Everyone’s welcome!


Café Elsa is a café inspired by the 1930s. We offer soft drinks, hot drinks and a small selection of low-alcohol drinks. With your cup of coffee, you can enjoy warm pies and pastries or a slice of a gateau that are baked on the spot. Our products can be ordered in advance. Make sure to stop by!

Cafe Tilk Tõrva

Tilk Tõrva is a café with a pleasant environment near the city of Tõrva. Here the drops of taste become a sea of ​​pleasure.The café offers weekly lunch offers and a varied A la carte menu.

Café Tilk Tõrva offers the best coffee in town!



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