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Valga folk trip
Valga folk trip
Valga Spordihall
The event will take place at the following times:01. nov kell 12:00 – 01. nov kell 15:0006. dets kell 13:00 – 06. dets kell 16:0003. jaan kell 12:00 – 03. jaan kell 15:0007. veeb kell 12:00 – 07. veeb kell 15:0007. mär kell 12:00 – 07. mär kell 15:0004. apr kell 12:00 – 04. apr kell 15:00 Valga folk tours take place on the first Sunday of every month for the 20th season from November 2020 to April 2021. The start of the hike is in front of Valga Sports Hall. PS! Note the start times. Warm soup and tea for all participants after the hike!
Rock Shock 2020
Rock Shock 2020
Aia tn 19, Valga, Valgamaa
Jauda from Latvia and Pööloy Gläänz from Pärnu have been invited to the stage!The doors open at 20:00
Tõrva Youth Theater Soul Colors – “Contact”!
Tõrva Youth Theater Soul Colors - "Contact"!
We are getting to the premiere this difficult year. Thinking about 2020 and dedicated to the Year of Digital Culture, “Kontakt” will be in front of the audience on December 9 at 7 pm in the hall of Tõrva Gymnasium.A recent drug, a smartphone that is increasingly available and constantly in the palm of our hands. Seemingly a safe helper, but is it really safe for us ?! But what happens when a smart life is no longer possible and we fall into a bigger trap. We are addicted, although it is difficult to acknowledge and often we may not reach it.On stage, we tell eight stories about where smart addiction can take us and where the real CONTACT stays!Ticket: 3 €!NB! Take your smartphone with you, it may be necessary!On stage: Ramona-Luisa Soro, Ly Johanson, Roosi Rahnu, Riin Lepik, Emma Laureen Paul, Hanna-Liisa Starke, Gaida Kertu Roos, Ruben Rahnu!Text...
Riho Toomra’s exhibition “From Thread to Art”
Riho Toomra's exhibition "From Thread to Art"
Born in Rakvere in 1963, Riho Toomra received a little knitting from his grandmother as a teenager. In German, this technique is called kunststricken, which literally means artificial weaving. Practical Estonians have used such woven tablecloths mainly as table coverings, but the subtle nuances of the pattern are much better when exhibited on the wall. The artificial knitwear of Riho Toomra on display at the exhibition is based on patterns created by Herbert Richard Niebling. H. Niebling (1903-1966) was a German artist who dedicated his whole life to creating lace patterns. We must also be grateful to him for the system of symbols that the weavers so obviously use. The patterns created by Niebeling have probably been used by many, without knowing the actual creator. A few pieces of information picked up here and there encouraged the author of the exhibition to get more information about the pattern designer, and...
Pühajärve Midsummer fire 2021
Pühajärve Midsummer fire 2021
Ranna tee 1, Otepää
Pühajärve Jaanituli will be postponed and will take place in the announced form on June 22-23, 2021. The festival program will remain the same and the tickets already purchased will be valid. We must sadly announce that the Pühajärve Midsummer Fire will be postponed by a year due to the special situation in the country and the ban on major events until the end of the summer. Our goal is to bring friends together. We meet when the time is safe for everyone – for the artists, the team, the partners, the local community and, of course, every visitor. Let’s take a break from 2020 to come back in a year with an even more powerful program! All the artists advertised so far will perform at next year’s festival. And there will be more! Keep yourself and your loved ones, enjoy the summer in a different way and support Estonian...