Sangaste Manor Stable Visitor Centre

The stable is one of the buildings of the Sangaste Manor which has been renovated into a visitor centre and today houses the exhibition Rukkikrahv ja Ilmaimed (The Rye Count and Wonders of the World). The exhibits at the centre tell the story of the scientific wonders of the 19th century and Count Berg, the owner of Sangaste Castle. It will take the visitors back in time for a hundred years and more. Visitors can also try out exercise devices and other equipment from that time. Children can have fun in the hall of technical wonders as well as at the ‘grandmother’s place’. Come discover and marvel!

Harimägi and Harimäe viewing tower

Harimägi is one of the largest mesas in the Otepää Uplands (211 m above sea level). It is worth coming to Harimäe whenever you are near Otepää. The Harimäe observation tower is located 3 km from Kääriku in the direction of Sangaste. The height of the tower is 28 m, the highest viewing platform is 24 m high. The tower offers views of the Otepää mountains and across the Väike Emajõgi valley to the Karula upland. Camping is also allowed at the tower. Good to know: Harimägi is also called Leenard’s and Leonhard’s hill. From 1816 to 1819, geodetic surveys were carried out here by the internationally recognised astronomer and surveyor Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struwe (1793–1864).

Otepää Hill Fort

The Otepää hill fort is one of the 21 Southern Estonian places worth discovering that are marked by a yellow National Geographic window; if you are interested in spending your holiday in the nature, it is definitely worth a visit. Come and walk to the top of the Otepää hill fort. The hill is about thirteen thousand years old; its absolute height is 165.6 m above sea level. You will see the ruins of the stone stronghold established by Bishop Herman in 1224 on hilltop and take in the views of the city of Otepää and the surrounding nature. Here stood one of the strongest strongholds of Ancient Estonia; additionally, the oldest known firearm in the world was found on this hill.

Otepää St Mary’s Lutheran Church

Otepää St Mary’s Lutheran Church is one of the 21 places in Southern Estonia worth discovering that are marked by a yellow National Geographic window; all those interested in culture and history should definitely pay a visit. Otepää St Mary’s Lutheran Church is historically connected to the national flag of Estonia. The blue, black and white flag of the Estonian Student Union, which later became the national flag and in 1991 the official flag of the state of Estonia, was consecrated in the rectory of the church on 4 June, 1884. The church has a neo-gothic altarpiece “Christ on the Cross” which dates from 1880, and a Kessler organ from 1853. In summer, the doors of the church are open to everyone.

Tehvandi viewing platform

The viewing platform of the Tehvandi ski-jump hill is a unique tourist and sports site in the Nordic countries – you can go on a platform that is 34 m high and watch ski-jumpers train or compete. You can get to the top of the hill by stairs or lift (using the lift costs 45 kroons). The height of the viewing platform in the Tehvandi K90 ski-jump hill complex is 218 metres above seal level. It is the second highest viewing tower in Southern Estonia after the viewing tower on Suur Munamägi Hill. Come and enjoy the panoramic views of the Otepää Highlands!

Kuutsemäe Holiday Centre

Kuutsemäe – the most attractive and compact mountain sports centre in Estonia that offers leisure opportunities during all seasons. By today, the centre has proved its sustainability, and since 1991, it has been the only mountain skiing and snowboarding centre in Estonia that operates without interruption. Kuutsemäe Holiday Centre offers:

  • 7 lit slopes with varying degrees of difficulty
  • a slope for children
  • a snowboarding and skiing park; BagJump
  • skiing and snowboarding lessons; free skiing school for children
  • accommodation and catering
  • mountain skiing and snowboarding equipment rental
  • an excellent place for organizing winter or summer retreats of your company

Tehvandi Sport Centre

You can see top sportsmen from all over the world training or competing in Tehvandi Sport Centre. However, in addition to professionals the centre is focussing more and more on amateur sportsmen, companies and people who want to have an active and sporty holiday or just relax. We are offering you different opportunities to exercise amidst beautiful landscapes, various leisure activities, accommodation and catering. Use of exercise tracks is generally free of charge, but make sure follow special notices during major events! Use of other sports facilities must be arranged in advance.



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