Greete Motel

Greete Motel is Estonia’s biggest and most unique log cabin, with no square rooms – the structure resembles that of a honeycomb. You can reach this unique motel by boat on the Väike-Emajõgi River as well.

ACCOMMODATION: The house has accommodation on two floors, with a total of 20 rooms.  The rooms on the third floor will be especially exciting for those who love heights – as the house is on an incline, they offer marvellous views over the surroundings and the Väike-Emajõgi River.

ACTIVITIES: See the local sights, enjoy the beauty of nature and make the most of fishing opportunities

Hotell Metsis

Hotel Metsis is a stylish and comfortable hotel with pleasant service and an excellent location in the town of Valga. The hotel building is made unique by its historical background – it was built in 1912 as a school. In 2005, it was renovated and turned into a hotel, and it is furnished with romantic antique furniture that has been complemented with impressive details.

ACCOMMODATION: 18 comfortable rooms are waiting for you in the hotel.

ACTIVITIES: visit Valga city

FOOD: Hotel restaurant

Hotell Murakas

Hotel Murakas is located in Otepää, near the Tehvandi stadium just a short walking distance from centre of Otepää, with easy access to the beautiful scenic landscapes. Nice and stylish from outside and the warmth of the interior is made even more appealing by the hospitable and personal service you will receive during your stay.


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Pub Juudas

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Pühajärve Spa & Holiday PUB

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Otepää Grill&Pub

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Edgar Tavern

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