Wagenküll Castle Spa

Wagenküll is a leisurely way of holiday thinking. Wagenküll is comfort, treatments, good food, absorbing activities and free time in the middle of nature. This is the newly renovated Taagepera Castle complex – a unique, culturally significant area which includes an art nouveau castle, an à la carte restaurant, a luxurious castle spa, a 1930s style hotel, restaurant, sports and recreation opportunities.




Pühajärve Spa & Hoiday Resort

A slight breeze from the lake talks quietly to the tall trees in the park. In the quiet

of the morning, a pair of swans glides over the mirroring water. Sunset sky

blossoms to the growing dimness like a miraculous promise… Welcome to Pühajärve!

ACCOMMODATION: hotel (different type of rooms)

ACTIVITIES: In the end of 2003, on the ruins of the few hundreds of years old manor stable situating next to the established hotel, a modern and bright 2-storey water and bowling centre was completed. Projected by the architect Andres Alver, this elegant functional building is connected to the hotel and conference complex, in order to enable its guests to move within the building. On the upper floor, a 4-alley 25m pool with finnish and steam sauna, children pools, jacuzzi and a bar are all at your disposal from early morning till the late evening. You can also enjoy underwater music and the pleasures of massage sprays in the large pool. Be the season or weather as bad as it can be, you can always enjoy magnificent view over Lake Pühajärv and hotel surrounding manor’s park, coming from the water centre’s glass walls. On the lower floor of the centre, a 4 alley high scale bowling hall can be found, where its professional team is ready to introduce you to the initial rules and playing techniques of the bowling. In addition to the sporting bowling we also offer you drinks and snacks right there in the bowling bar, where you can celebrate birthdays and other occasions. In the lakeside wing of the centre you’ll find a gym equipped with the newest of Techno-Gym machinery, connected to attractive arch basement. There you have the 4 seated infra-red sauna, the massage bed and -chairs and solarium all at your disposal.

FOOD: restaurant, pub and cafe


Eat & Drink

Pub Juudas

Eat & Drink

Pühajärve Spa & Holiday PUB

Eat & Drink

Otepää Grill&Pub

Eat & Drink

Edgar Tavern

Eat & Drink